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YachtBrain is more than remote monitoring..

YachtBrain is an automation platform for boats. YachtBrain can monitor systems such as bilge pumps, power, refrigeration, high water, anything electrical, temperature, humidity, motion, vessel location and much more. Turn on/off electrical loads such as lights, refrigeration, pumps, etc and automate just about anything so your boat can respond to events or simply provide the most convenient and pleasurable boating experience possible.

YachtBrain maintains and provides the current state of all systems monitored or controlled on the vessel. In addition, YachtBrain maintains a history of all activity for systems that are monitored or controlled. A YachtBrain installation consists of one (1) hub, sensors and relays. YachtBrain is expandable – simply add sensors and/or relays. YachtBrain monitors, controls 12/24 vdc devices and alternating current (AC) devices.

  • Remotely turn on/off lights, refrigeration, anything electrical
  • GeoFence and position reporting
  • Anchor Watch
  • Show current state of devices monitored or controlled by YachtBrain
  • User defined alerting
  • Automation - YachtBrain will take action based on owner defined rules – YachtBrain is responsive
  • Stay connected to your boat
  • Free Community Cloud Service Plan
  • Motion Sensors
  • Contact Sensors
  • Temperature/Humidity Sensors
  • DC voltage monitoring
  • Shore power on/off monitoring
  • Monitor electrical devices (bilge, high water, engine, refrigeration, pumps anything electrical ...)
  • Activity Data Charts Dashboards
  • Expandable simply add senors and relays
Available Q1 2018

YachtBrain HUB

The YachtBrain HUB is the "Brain" of the platform. The Hub communicates with YachtBrain Sensors and relays using the YachtBrain device network. Devices communicate with the hub when activities occur or when a boat owner sends a command to the Hub such as turn on Galley Light.

The hub applies owner defined rules to determine if any actions are required based on device activities. YachtBrain can respond to activities by sending alerts, turning on and off other devices (sound buzzers, blink lights ..) etc. You define the action.

YachtBrain can send user defined alerts for all or any activity, monitored or controlled by YachtBrain.

The YachtBrain Hub connects YachtBrain sensors and relays with the YachtBrain mobile/desktop Apps and the YachtBrain Cloud using wifi. YachtBrain can connect to your boat's wifi, satellite, mobile data network, hotspot, etc.

YachtBrain does not require the purchase of a specific, mobile data plan to connect to your boat.

Actual Size (enclosure): 3.91" x 3.03" x 2.00"

YachtBrain Sensor

The YachtBrain (Activity) Sensor monitors anything electrical such as bilge pumps, refrigeration, engine, high water switches etc going on/off. YachtBrain shows current state of systems, run time and cycles over past 24 hours.

In addition, YachtBrain stores activity data. Data is important to understand how on-board systems are operating. Each YachtBrain Sensor can monitor up to 4 DC devices and 1 AC Shore power on/off. If you have more than 4 DC devices to monitor simply add more sensors.
(YachtBrain sensor can monitor AC loads going on/off using AC current switches available from YachtBrain)

Actual Size: 2.82" x 2.70" x 1.28"

(Data collected by YachtBrain Sensor)

YachtBrain Relay

The YachtBrain Relay provides remote control of electrical devices so the owner(s) can turn on and off lights, refrigeration, fans, heaters, anything electrical. YachtBrain provides 12 and 24 vdc relays.

YachtBrain maintains run time and cycles for relays and stores activity data. Data is useful to view activity over time. Each YachtBrain Relay can control 1 - 5 amp DC load. For larger DC loads such as refrigeration or AC devices like air conditioners the YachtBrain Relay switches an external relay to turn load on and off.

Actual Size: 2.82" x 2.70" x 1.28"

YachtBrain Security and Environment Sensors

Contact Switch

The YachtBrain Contact sensor detects opening and closing of doors, hatches, lockers etc Contact Sensor can be used to detect arrivals and departures of guests, workers, intruders. (Sensor size 1.75" x 1.31" x 0.58" ) Micro-Contact Sensor (Sensor size 1.26" x 1.18" x 0.39" - not shown)

Motion Sensor

The YachtBrain Motion Sensor adds both security and advanced automation features to your connected boat. You can receive notifications of motion in a certain area and/or turn on lights, sound alarms, turn on air conditioner etc. The YachtBrain Motion Sensor is battery powered for easy installation and re-location. (Sensor size 1.75" x 1.75" x 1.12" )

YachtBrain can send user defined alerts for all or any activity, monitored or controlled by YachtBrain.

Temperature Humidity Sensor

The YachtBrain Temperature and Humidity Sensor reports temperature and humidity of areas or your boat. YachtBrain can respond to changes of temperature and humidity by turning on/off devices such as fans etc. (Sensor size 1.49" x 2.34" x 0.82" )

YachtBrain Cloud Services Pricing

Plans Community Captain Fleet
Monthly Free $14.95 TBD
Current State of Boat/Devices being Monitored/Controlled * * *
Remote Control of Devices * * *
YachtBrain In-App Alerts * * *
Cloud and Local Connection * * *
Configuration support * * *
2 UI Connections to Cloud * * *
Send Alerts via Text Message * *
Data Activity Charts * *
Send (Text or Email) Alerts to 5 People * *
5 UI Connections to Cloud * *
Monitor, Control and Automate Systems on Multiple Boats *
Dashboard with Drill Down *
30 days of Captain Plan Free Available Q1 2018 Available Q2 2018