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"Exactly the kind of peace of mind we were seeking"

YachtBrain keeps us stay connected to our boat.

Our Beneteau 50' is our pride and joy as well as our full-time home. YachtBrain keeps us connected to our boat, monitors key systems and all security events, including: hatch and locker access, interior motion, vessel location, refrigeration temp/runtime, bilge pump status/runtime and individual compartment temps/humidity and more. We use YachtBrain to instantly control deck & boarding lights when approaching the boat, whether in an anchorage or at dock, which for us has proven truly significant while cruising.

We appreciate YachtBrain connects via our existing mobile hotspot, which we use for all our network connections and doesn’t require an additional monthly fee to connect. Yachtbrain is always expanding and customer service has been wonderfully responsive.

We’re just scratching the surface of YachtBrain’s capabilities, as expandability and flexibility are seemingly endless. "Exactly the kind of peace of mind we were seeking". Marc, New Jersey

"YachtBrain, you guys hit the nail on the head!"

Why we chose YachtBrain

We tow a 32-foot Everglades everywhere we go. While researching vessel monitoring systems for the Everglades, I came across YachtBrain. There were many reasons I decided on YachtBrain, but to touch on a few: Easy to install - Easy to connect to phone/computer - Monitoring begins as soon as you power up the Hub - Connects to our existing mobile hotspot and large boat VSAT - Remote Control of boat lights, this function is cool, and we use it a lot. We use YachtBrain to monitor all bilges, house bank, both engine batteries, shore power, boat security, environment, control lights remotely and more."YachtBrain, you guys hit the nail on the head!" Captain Jeff, Washington

"I’m very happy I chose YachtBrain"

YachtBrain saved the day

While Moving my boat from Long Island to Myrtle Beach, I was searching for a monitoring/security/control product that would provide me with "real time" alerts for critical systems. Having found nothing that met my needs, I came across YachtBrain. It was inexpensive compared to other systems I considered and had a combination of security/monitoring/control plus I liked that it’s expandable and flexible depending on what you want to do.

Currently, I monitor and receive texts/alerts for three bilge pumps , shore power, and bridge, galley, and refrigerator temperatures. I can turn on different lights and the bridge refrigerator. Being able to control lights and refrigeration is a big plus for us. As for security, I receive texts/alerts if my sliding door is opened and if there is motion in the salon. YachtBrain GPS provides me with position data and if my boat leaves a "geofence" that I set-up, I get an immediate alert and text message. YachtBrain’s support is outstanding and "I’m very happy I chose YachtBrain". Hans, South Carolina

Easy to Install, Affordable and Simple to Use

It's simple to get started with YachtBrain.

One YachtBrain HUB, + 1 or more Sensors and/or Remote Relays for boat security, monitoring bilges, batteries, shore power, almost anything and remotely controlling lights, electrical devices and more. Mix and match as you like.

After YachtBrain is powered on, give us a call. We will assist you to configure YachtBrain to meet your exact needs.

Enjoy your boat. With YachtBrain you can experience your boat in ways you never thought possible. Stay close to your boat no matter where you are.

Not sure which devices you need? We're happy to answer any questions you may have! Contact us