YachtBrain Get Smart!

How It Works.

YachtBrain is a powerful tool for boat owners. Using YachtBrain, you can monitor, control, automate systems, and enjoy your boat like never before. All through an app on your phone.

So what exactly is YachtBrain? YachtBrain is made up of cutting edge hardware, consisting of at least one hub plus the sensors and relays you desire. Simply add more sensors and/or relays to enhance your boating experience. Once you have the equipment setup, contact YachtBrain and we will configure your YachtBrain as you like.

With YachtBrain you can:

  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing your boat is safe and well no matter how far you are from your boat.
  • Stay ahead of potential problems with automatic alerts that YachtBrain will send you if it detects anything abnormal.
  • Stay connected to your boat 24/7 in real-time.
  • Be in control turn on and off boat lights from nearby or far away.
monitor in real-time

YachtBrain uses sensors to monitor all things electrical on your boat. Check temperature and humidity anywhere onboard. See your boat’s location via GPS map and know if your boat is drifting out of anchorage using the Anchor Watch feature. Receive notifications for unauthorized movement. YachtBrain can alert you when events do occur and when they don’t.

control it all

Control it all, straight from your phone, tablet, or laptop.Using YachtBrain remote controlled relays you can switch on and off electrical devices such as lights, pumps, fans etc. Anything electrical can be switched on or off while you are onboard or a world away. No matter the distance, reaction time is an instant.

make the rules to automate

YachtBrain is an automation platform that makes your boat smart. by sensing events -- such as your arrival, pumps turning on, the temperature -- and actively relaying data based on the rules you set up, YachtBrain gives you the ability to automate just about anything.

Upon Arrival

YachtBrain knows when you or your guests are within range and allows your boat to take action. On your arrival, your boat can turn on lights, send messages, and show who is onboard.

At Night

YachtBrain knows the time of day and the state of your vessel. If you’re at anchor, your boat will be able to turn on anchor and cockpit lights as it grows dark. When day arrives, she’ll also know to turn the lights off.

Any Time

Want to be onboard with a cold beer by 5 PM Friday? She can turn on the fridge at the right time, allowing you to kick back and control everything with the touch of a button.

Teach your boat what to do and consider it done

How The YachtBrain Hub Works

The HUB puts the “brain” in YachtBrain. The Hub communicates with YachtBrain sensors and relays, allowing you to monitor and control devices on your boat and receive alerts no matter where you are. You can connect to your YachtBrain locally when onboard or via the cloud when far away.

YachtBrain can connect to your boat's wifi, satellite, mobile data network, hotspot, you decide.

NO monthly fee to connect to your boat.

Actual Size (enclosure): 3.91" x 3.03" x 2.00"

How The YachtBrain Sensors Work

YachtBrain uses sensors to monitor your boat and will send alerts if anything is outside of normal. YachtBrain keeps a history of your boat’s activity to help you stay on top of maintenance.

The YachtBrain Activity Sensor mointors electrical devices going on and off. This sensor can monitor up to 4 VDC devices and if shore power is on or off. YachtBrain shows current state of systems, run time and cycles over past 24 hours.

Actual Size: 2.82" x 2.70" x 1.28"

(Data collected by YachtBrain Activity Sensor)

The YachtBrain Security and Environmental Sensors monitor temperature, humidity, motion in cabin, openings and more. These sensors are battery powered (not all sensors shown).

Contact Switch

Motion Sensor

Temperature Humidity Sensor

How The YachtBrain Relay Works

The YachtBrain relay gives you remote control of electrical devices so you can turn anything electrical on and off no matter where you are, including lights, refrigeration, heaters, and more.

Actual Size: 2.82" x 2.70" x 1.28"

YachtBrain Cloud Services Pricing

Plans Community Captain Fleet
Monthly Free $14.95 TBD
Current State of Boat/Devices being Monitored/Controlled * * *
Remote Control of Devices * * *
YachtBrain In-App Alerts * * *
Cloud and Local Connection * * *
Configuration support * * *
2 UI Connections to Cloud * * *
Send Alerts via Text Message * *
Data Activity Charts * *
Send (Text or Email) Alerts to 5 People * *
5 UI Connections to Cloud * *
Monitor, Control and Automate Systems on Multiple Boats *
Dashboard with Drill Down *
30 days of Captain Plan Free Available 2018 Available 2018