YachtBrain Get Smart!

It's Simple to get started with YachtBrain.

Step 1

One YachtBrain HUB, plus 1 or more Sensors and/or Remote Relays for boat security, to monitor bilges, batteries, etc, and/or remotely control lights, refrigeration, electrical devices. Mix and match as you like.

Step 2

After YachtBrain is powered on, give us a call. We will assist configuring YachtBrain to meet your exact needs.

Step 3

Enjoy your boat. With YachtBrain you can experience your boat in ways you never thought possible. Stay close to your boat no matter where you are.

YachtBrain's flexibility makes your imagination the limit..

12/24 VDC + Wireless Communication + Battery Powered Sensors

Connects to boat wifi, hotspot, MiFi, marina ... your choice.

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YachtBrain Hub + Motion Detector + Contact Switch

YachtBrain Hub + Motion Detector + Contact Switch

With a YachtBrain Hub, Motion Detector and Contact Switch you can:

  • Detect motion inside your boat
  • Detect if a companionway, hatch, door is open/closed
  • Get temperatures at motion detector and contact switch
  • Monitor boat location and movement (geofence)
  • Monitor boat battery bank
  • Get real-time alerts and more

Or Start with one Hub and add sensors and relays to put you in control!

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NO monthly fee to connect to your boat!

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