YachtBrain Get Smart!

Does YachtBrain charge a monthly fee to connect to my boat?

NO, our community plan connects you to your boat for free! In addition to the free community plan, YachtBrain offers premium service plans see YachtBrain Cloud Service Plans.

Does YachtBrain provide battery powered sensors?

Yes, where possible we desire battery powered sensors. All Security and Environment Sensors are battery powered. The YachtBrain (Activity) Sensor and YachtBrain Relay require connections to devices to perform their respective function (ie sense electrical devices going on/off, turn on/off lights …). All YachtBrain device communications are wireless.

How do I add new Sensors and Relays to my YachtBrain system?

Upon purchase of new sensor or relay YachtBrain staff will add the new device(s)'s identity to your account and sync to your hub. When the device arrives simply pull the strip or insert battery for battery powered devices. For the YachtBrain Sensor and YachtBrain Relay, once powered they will join the YachtBrain device network.

How does the YachtBrain (Activity) Sensor work?

The YachtBrain (Activity) Sensor detects electrical devices going on and off. Every time the device state changes (On/Off) the YachtBrain Sensor sends a state change message to the YachtBrain Hub. The YachtBrain Hub executes user defined actions if defined. The YachtBrain Sensor is powered via 12/24 VDC, monitors up to 4 12/24 VDC devices going on/off and monitors AC shore power off/on. Sensor supports 2 methods to detect AC power. First, a wall-wart which is plugged into a AC boat outlet. Second detect AC Shore power on/off using an AC current switch. When a sensor is purchased with AC monitoring, YachtBrain will send your AC monitoring preference. Most boats use the first option (wall-wart). In addition to monitoring shore power on/off, the YachtBrain Sensor using an AC current switch can monitor AC electrical loads going on/off such as dive compressors, AC refrigeration, ... etc.

How does the YachtBrain Relay work?

The YachtBrain Relay works by remotely switching on or off an electrical load, such as a light. On and Off commands can be sent from the YachtBrain Apps or by a user defined automation action such as, when night - turn deck light for 1 hour. The YachtBrain Relay can switch 1 - 5amp 12 or 24 vdc electrical load. For electrical loads > 5 amps and to switch alternating current (AC) devices external relays are used. When an external relay is used the YachtBrain relay switches the load on/off by switching the external relay. (External relays tested to work with YachtBrain are available from YachtBrain.)

How does the YachtBrain Temperature/Humidity Sensor work?

The YachtBrain Temperature/Humidity Sensor is battery powered. The temp/humidity sensor sends a temperature and humidity value to the YachtBrain Hub when temperature or humidity changes from previous values. Sending only change messages allows the temperature/humidity sensor to sleep most of the time which extends battery life.

How does the YachtBrain Motion Detector work?

The YachtBrain Motion Detector is battery powered. The motion detector sleeps most of the time to conserve battery power. When motion is detected, the motion detector awakes and sends a message to the YachtBrain Hub which takes user defined actions.

How do the YachtBrain Contact Switches work?

YachtBrain Contact Switches are battery powered. Contact switches sleep most of the time to conserve battery power. When state change (open/close) is detected, the switch awakes and sends a message to the YachtBrain Hub which takes user defined actions.

How does YachtBrain connect to my boat?

Like all remote monitoring systems YachtBrain requires a connection between you and your boat. YachtBrain provides two ways to connect to your boat. Both YachtBrain Native† and Desktop Apps can connect to your boat via the YachtBrain Cloud Server. If you are in NY and your boat is in the Caribbean you can stay connected to your boat via the YachtBrain Cloud Server. To connect to the cloud server both you and your boat require access to the internet. There are many ways to get wifi/internet connection to your boat. YachtBrain does not force you to purchase a monthly plan from us (or a specific mobile provider) to connect. You can use your existing data plans and access methods that you use for other mobile devices to connect you and your boat. Your Choice..

The second method is a local connection to YachtBrain using the YachtBrain Native Apps (Android, iOS)†. There are remote areas, such as offshore, where you may/will be outside terrestrial communication. Using the YachtBrain Native Apps you can can connect to your boat via your boat's local area network. There is no need for the internet when you are on your boat. When a internet connection becomes available YachtBrain Hub will update the YachtBrain Cloud Server. A local connection to YachtBrain is possible because YachtBrain does not require internet access to work. All events, commands, decisions are processed by the YachtBrain Hub on your boat. YachtBrain uses the cloud primarily for remote connections when you are away from your boat.

† Available  2018

Does YachtBrain require an internet connection to automate activities?

No, internet is not required for automation. All automation, monitoring and control activities occur locally on the YachtBrain Hub. For example, If you instructed YachtBrain to turn on your boat 's deck light every night, when dark for 1 hour, or if bilge pump on > 1 min sound an alarm, the YachtBrain Hub will execute the actions.

If connected to your boat via one of the YachtBrain Apps you will see the light icon (or other activity) go on and off when the action is executed.

Does YachtBrain require an internet connection for remote access?

If by remote connection you mean, you are beyond the local area network (wifi) that your YachtBrain Hub is connected, then yes. Like all remote monitoring systems you and your boat require a common connection for communications. YachtBrain uses the most available network, the internet, to make remote connections.

If you are connected to the same local network as your boat (ie marina wifi, hotspot, boat's wifi ..) then NO internet connection is required to connect to your boat (local connection via YachtBrain Native Apps†).

YachtBrain does not require the purchase of a specific mobile data plan. You can use your existing mobile/connection plans, local networks etc. to connect. How to connect is your choice.

† Available  2018

How do I configure and instruct YachtBrain what to monitor, control and automate?

First, think about your goals for YachtBrain. What devices (bilge pumps, refrigeration, … ) you would like to monitor, same for control (ie devices I want to remotely turn on/off), lastly, now that you have defined devices monitored and devices you can control you can define automation. For example, when night turn on deck light for 1 hour. When aft air conditioner is switched on via YachtBrain turn on forward Air Conditioner compressor so system works correctly. If humidity is > 85% turn on air circulation fans... . Alerts are a basic form of automation. An alert is a response to an action or actions. For example, send a warning alert if main bilge runs > 1 minute.

We suggest for the devices that you plan to monitor, record your current expectations of activity (how many cycles per day, week., minutes,hours device is on). Once YachtBrain is installed our staff will collect data from your boat and provide you an insight into how these systems are operating.

YachtBrain is a platform and is very flexible. Flexibly with respect to what YachtBrain can do for you makes setup appear a little difficult. To ensure you get the most out of YachtBrain, we will assist you with setup. Based on your request we can define actions, automation, change device names, etc, then sync the requested changes to your local YachtBrain Hub via the YachtBrain Cloud.

User interface to configure YachtBrain will be available Q2 2018. We are using the interactions and experience configuring YachtBrain for users to ensure we deliver a solid configuration experience to setup both basic and advanced capabilities.