YachtBrain makes your boat responsive.

YachtBrain Automation will take action for you. Turn on lights for 45 mins at night, turn on tri-color at night when underway, turn off lights when no motion in forward cabin, turn on fans when humidity is greater than 70% and more. You decide how your boat responds. Never arrive to a dark, hot boat again.

YachtBrain Knows who is onboard. A quick check of Yachtbrain UI will tell who is and who is not onboard your boat.

YachtBrain Automation puts the SMART in Smart Boat.

YachtBrain System Features

Boats spend a lot of time unattended, make sure you're always connected to yours. Worry less. Enjoy more.


Get real-time alerts for unauthorized use, entry and theft - 24x7, no matter where you are. Total peace of mind.

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Monitor all of your critical systems and devices (bilge pumps, battery bank voltage, and more). No more surprises.

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Remotely turn on lights, air conditioner, etc... before you're even on your boat. Enjoy ultimate comfort and convenience.

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Listen to What YachtBrain Customers Are Saying.

Boat owners love YachtBrain because YachtBrain knows what’s important to boat owners.

Exactly the kind of peace of mind we were seeking. While on a trip to Europe we left our boat at a yard for service. YachtBrain recorded when workers were onboard, and alerted me multiple times when the shore power was inadvertently disconnected. We cannot imagine our boat without YachtBrain.


YachtBrain, you guys hit the nail on the head! Many reasons I chose YachtBrain, but to touch on a few: Easy to install - Easy to connect to phone/computer - Monitoring begins as soon as you power up the Hub - YachtBrain connects to our existing mobile hotspot and VSAT - Remote Control of boat lights, this function is cool, and we use it a lot.


I’m very happy that I chose YachtBrain. Our air conditioner had stopped working so I ran the system overnight with a hose. In the middle of the night, the connection began to leak. YachtBrain began sending alerts that the bilges had kicked on. YachtBrain saved the weekend and our boat.


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